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We are entrepreneurs who are now online to bring quality and good products to all customers.

We would like to bring to you the best service and day- to- day needs of a family.  Our services are exemplary and are provided and a decent cost, which satisfies everyone.    We have strived to get all the items and materials to you quickly and at a decent cost. You will be happy to shop with us.

Travel and Tours

Fly Albatross Travel, Tours & Events (P). Ltd. is a leading travel and tours company based in Chennai, India, offering travel-related services. A traditional travel and hospitality background hones people skills like no other.

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Life is ever-changing and the pandemic was one more tool that helped us tune in to what the customer wants and will do in a world of restricted mobility. We provide Covid safe custom tours, event management services such as destination weddings, exclusive club events, PR, Creative content, medical writing, and brand-building services.

Real Estate and Financing

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Real Estate Buying and Selling all United States, specific to New York.

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  Provide loans for investment properties.   Experienced brokers and lenders can be reached for low interest and properties of value for fix and flip.

Immigration Assistance

Assist in completing all the complicated forms, submit them to the State Department or US Immigration office.

Communicating with US Immigration Service
Completing Complicated forms for US Immigration Service
Forms for State Department
Communication with National Visa Center Portsmouth
Completing forms like Ds-160 and others for NVC
Preparing forms of United States Passports
+35 Years of Experience

Application support by Experts

+200 Projects Done


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